David Pasant, CEO of Jackson National Life Insurance

“It would be difficult for me to explain in depth how Dino achieves his magic. He helps me get clear and clarity is power. He gives me business perspectives that I do not receive from my staff… His health and wellness coaching has changed my life… His ability to facilitate change and resolve conflict through authentic communication never ceases to amaze me. Every business leader should have a Dino. He has delivered a significant return on investment.”

Adrian Lufschanowski, President of Thrive, FP

“Dino has an incredible knack for helping one get emotionally and mentally clear, and he has a mastery of understanding of human behavior that creates an ease and flow in the workplace. This vastly increased our employees’ satisfaction, passion and productivity.

Dino not only helped us through some rough corporate challenges (including being the critical player in resolving a lawsuit out of court) but also when a personal challenge presented itself, Dino gave us advice and techniques on how to manage the issues and the emotions around it.”

Ferdinand Madden, Chairman and President of Madden’s Funeral Homes

“I have worked closely with Dino for over a year. He has spearheaded the re-invention of Maddens and supported me in my personal life. I deeply appreciate and recommend him without reservation to anyone or any company that wants rapid growth and a rich personal and business experience.”

P Newman, CEO of Thrive, FP

“For the past several years, Dino DeFilippi worked as a critical team member and consultant for Thrive, FP. During his tenure, Dino helped us fuel our growth to become a company that now manages over 350 investors and over $900 million of Commercial Real Estate.

Dino is a gem. A one-of-a-kind advisor, coach and friend for the right company that truly has the desire, courage and commitment to take their company to the next level. If you’re thinking of hiring an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist or attending a Team Building Seminar, don’t waste your time and money. Dino is a much better option. His talents and results speak for themselves.”

Joseph Stockhausen, President of Imperial Optical

“Dino added significant value to our business, and in particular he assisted me with my personal development not only as a Company Director but also as person.”

Peter Bunting, Chairman and CEO of Dehring, Bunting and Golding

“Dino’s ability to train and facilitate growth is highly developed. It is expanded upon by his creative imagination, communication and facilitation skills. The result is his ability to get things done. He offers business distinctions that produce profit.”

Paul J. Newman, VP of Sony Pictures Hollywood, Family Entertainment Division

“Dino’s comprehensive business acumen was invaluable in the development of our division at Sony… His candor, humor, vitality, and zest for life allowed my staff and me to accept each other as human beings, outside our business roles. His playfulness and spontaneous laughter were infectious. He gave us sincere support during difficult times of change… His vast experience with the human body never stopped expanding our awareness. The final results, in human and financial profitability, far exceeded our expectations.”

Bob Porteous, Owner and COO of Porteous Fastener Company

“Dino has been a close confidant and business advisor for the past twenty years. Among his attributes is his ability to bring clarity to business situations. In essence, he has a means of getting to the core of what is really going on. His ability to train and activate is masterful. We have met many goals under his direction.

In addition, he has facilitated our board of directors for years through authentic communication and brought us to a much deeper level of connection with the truth of the matter. I respectfully refer to him as a man of wisdom and integrity.

I’m not saying that he’s perfect, but after all, who is? What I have always found refreshing is his ability to take full responsibility when he is off base. His knowledge of health and wellness has made a significant change in my life and the lives of many. We are a lot better off for having invested in him.”